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Corporate 7Aarohan Group makes continual efforts for training, upgradation and developmental needs of its human capital for their growth along with its own competency. The Aarohan Group of Companies firmly believes in the immense potential of its human resources in developing the organization and ensuring its success. The Group endeavours to keep the employees’ motivation level high by providing conducive work atmosphere and remunerating adequately. Apart from time to time in-house training programme, Aarohan also sponsors to its employees for external training symposiums and holiday retreat.

An advantage that gives power to our employee's vision is to recognize, execute and preserve. At Aarohan each member is the company because they do not work for any company they work for their own growth and with every successes achieved by company they find them a mile ahead in career.

We offer energizing and challenging opportunities at various stages of your career journey to explore your talent as a professional entrepreneur. If you want the world to be your playground, you need the best coaches. This can be aptly summed up about Aarohan. Professional entrepreneurs at Aarohan will groom you to make you one.

Work Culture

At Aarohan each employee is given an open platform to share opinions. This smooth's the progress of stronger communication and strengthens our bond as a team. We admire existence of each employee and count him or her in every achievement. We believe that our people are our true asset, and we facilitate them with productive work culture.